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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Message from my Arcturian Higher Self aspect representing the Galactic Council.

"Greeting souls of light and heart,

As we enter a timeline of greater purification and merging with our highest light, the many sacred beings from on high are assisting us in the transition into the 5th Dimension and beyond. Humanity has indeed been taking steps towards liberation from the lower worlds, and in recent times there have been created many opportunities to grow for the souls ready to take the next step of their soul's forward evolution, expanding in Christ consciousness and light.

Many souls of light inhabit the earth. Some have resided here from the beginning of their existence and of Gaia’s existence as a physical planet, what you can call indigenous species, but many star seeds originating from other star systems and planets have voluntarily down stepped their vibration to be able to incarnate a human vehicle to take the school of learning on Gaia in their Souls forward spiritual evolution.

Indeed, Gaia in the Milky way is a desirable school of learning to enroll with, as the potentiality to expand in light and consciousness as a soul is greater than in other galaxies.

Gaia is, in cosmic measures, a young planet. She is barely a couple of billion years old in linear time count.

She existed on the etherial planes before she became solid and has been inhabited by beings of light almost from the very beginning.

In the beginning, Gaia vibrated on a much higher dimension and frequency than she is now, sweet friends. As an infant, she was pure light, birthed from the Cosmic heart of God, before she started to take on her vibrational frequency identity. In the timelines before the later timelines of Lemuria, which most lightworkers are somewhat familiar with, she vibrated within the frequency spectrums of the 10th dimension.

The frequency spectrums within the 10th vibration are what you can call her original vibrational frequency identity.

During the timelines of Lemuria, unethical sources begin to manipulate her light, and even if this might have occurred before, this time, the impact, over a long period of linear time, lead to humanity’s Fall of Grace in the Atlantean timelines. At the time humanity fell from grace, there was not a single human upon Gaia who recognized God. Humanity had fallen into the amnesia of where they come from, and who they are, which is: a pure reflection of God.

The veils of illusion, duality and, polarity had infiltrated the minds and hearts of all humans. Now living in the illusion that one is separated from God, from one another and, separated from Gaia. In essence, living in the illusion that one is separated from All that is.

The Venusians intervened upon the request of the Intergalactic Committee and summoned 144 000 souls to rescue Gaia from the fall from grace. Lead by the Souls who you commonly know as Sanat Kumara and Lord Gautama Buddha. These beautiful souls of light build Shamballa, then located in the physical realm, where this army of light would reside whilst upon Earth. They would anchor light once more upon Gaia: reaching out to humans, communicating with the souls that were susceptible to the higher light, bringing them out of the veils of illusion.

In addition to the Venusians, the Arcturians and the Pleiadians sent forces to assist Gaia from their starships. And still do, to this day.

It is from that point, when humanity initiated its resistance against evil forces, assisted by the Venusians, the Arcturians, and the Pleiadians, that you can put into context your own spiritual journey and evolution in the light.

You are here, incarnated into a human vehicle, as a volunteer soul to mother Earth, to help her in the process of returning to vibrating in the 10th dimension. You are here to be one of the humans, a soul incarnated in a physical vehicle and taking on the human consciousness.

You have reached a certain degree of spiritual evolution and awakening to your soul’s light, thus, starting to remember who you are and where you come from. You are susceptible to light, and thus, helping to anchor light. You are a sacred light, and it is through your commitment to spiritual practice and focusing on your connection to light with devotion and discipline, you can make a change for yourself and others. You are here to combat the veils of illusion, the 3D collective consciousness, the duality, and polarity, and this through your devotion to Light.

And in this process, you will learn, grow, expand, and evolve your consciousness.

In this way, in the process of returning to her original frequency, Gaia serves as a school of learning for those souls applying and being chosen to incarnate on Gaia, and in return, you grow and learn.

This healing transmission of Light will help awaken the memory of your Christed ET Selves, merging on a deeper level with your Pleiadian self, Andromedan, Arcturian self, Sirian self, and all other Higher Christed ET selfs that you are.”

With Love and Blessings, Susanna

Susanna Sannö is based in Sweden, where she works as an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and lecturer. She has channeled over 1500 unique healing sessions in private sessions, workshops, and courses providing healing, ascension tools, and programs from the 7th~12th dimension to clients in Scandinavia to assist them in their ascension process, uniting with their Twin flame and manifesting their Soul mission.

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