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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

If you have met your twin flame in this lifetime, you arranged this at a soul level to assist your spiritual growth and ascension and help Gaia transcend the 3D Matrix and ascend into the 5th dimension.  You are here to help transform the Fear-based Matrixes of the 3rd dimension, break free from the old human ways, and help implement new ways of functioning and operating from the 5th-dimensional Matrixes of unconditional love on all levels in all areas of human life. Twin flames incarnated together are at the forefront of the paradigm shift, which is the entrance into the 5th dimension. The transformation of these 3D Matrixes carries out through your own human experience; the transformation of the 3D Matrixes is what you experience in your own life and your own emotional experience ~ especially in relation to your Divine counterpart. Your twin flame, representing the light of your soul, triggers all darkness in you that is not in alignment with the truth and the light. Your twin flame triggers the old 3D Matrixes created by humankind and experienced by yourself over many karmic timelines now on the agenda for this lifetime to transform. And as your twin flame embodies your soul light, you embody the light of their soul, triggering their darkness, bringing it up to the surface to transform into light. The aspects of your soul that have experienced hurt and trauma in the karmic timelines of the 3D Matrix and need to heal and once more become one with the light are making themselves known to you through your emotions and heal through your emotions. Both you and your twin flame have down stepped your vibration to become humans in the physical, 3rd-dimensional world to do this mission; heal yourself, and through healing yourself healing humanity ~ as All are One; this is your mission and one of your purposes for incarnating. And both of you are carrying hurt, fear, and trauma. But both of you will resonate at the core of your being with the light in one another, recognizing yourself in the other.  Even if it only is on a subconscious, or soul, level. With this understanding, you can heal yourself. And through healing yourself, healing the aspect of your soul, that is your Beloved twin flame. Do not get caught up in the games of the Ego. Keep your focus on this truth ~ and you will be liberated.

Peace and Light, Susanna

Susanna Sannö is based in Sweden, where she works as an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and lecturer. She has channeled over 1500 unique healing sessions in private sessions, workshops, and courses providing healing, ascension tools, and programs from the 7th~12th dimension to clients in Scandinavia to assist them in their ascension process, uniting with their Twin flame and manifesting their Soul mission.

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