About Susanna

Susanna was Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentience, and an empath already as a child when she learned chakra healing and healing with the Archangels from her mother. On her spiritual path as a Twin Flame and gifted healer, she has developed all eight psychic senses, the gift of channeling, and the ability to access the Akashic Records to perform light work. She is a channeler, Divine Feminine Twin Flame on her Soul Mission, Goddess of Light, High Priestess, and one of the Keepers of the codes in this Solar System, which builds the pillars of the New Earth.


Her Soul Mission is to help awaken all the Divine Feminine Templates in the heart and soul of every incarnated being. As a true Goddess of Light, she is in the service of the templates and the Temples of Light that are connected to the Goddess of Light, Purity, Wisdom, and Fertility. She works within the frequency spectrums Violet, Diamond White, Silver Platinum White, Rose Pink, and the 1st order of Angels: Seraphim.

Through light transmissions conveyed through her voice and her Seraphim Over-soul and Angelic Higher Self, her Soul mission is to convey healing to support you in transforming the human trauma and miscreations that you carry in your cells, DNA, energy system, and traumatized fragments of your soul and implement the Diamond, Crystalline, Platinum, and Rainbow light codes assisting the I AM Avatar race to step into the 5th dimension. Her passion is to help you as an advanced soul on your Journey of ascension: achieving Soul embodiment, Self Mastery, and uniting with your Twin flame Heart to Heart Soul to Soul, and align to the New Earth and the New Golden Ages of Light.

Susanna is based in Sweden and devoted heart, mind, and soul to her Soul mission. She works full time as an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and lecturer. She has channeled over 1500 unique transmissions in private sessions, workshops, and courses, working with over 200 clients, providing ascension tools and programs from the 7th~12th dimension to clients in Scandinavia to assist in their ascension process uniting with their Twin Flame and manifesting their Soul mission. 

Susanna works with channeling Personalized sessions and Light Transmissions on audio files. Receiving the sonic vibrational healing in meditation in your sacred space enables a profound long-term transformation.


First of all, I just want to say thank you! I feel so grateful to be part of this course. You've answered so many questions I've carried within me for so long and felt so alone about having. Everything you've told in this course has given me answers to so many things I've felt alone about feeling. Thank you for your warm and healing energy. You inspire to get to know yourself and you spread peace and love.

Rebecka, 23, Kungälv, Sweden