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Ways to work with me

​In mentoring sessions, I offer support, healing, and guidance for Star seeds, Twin Flames, lightworkers, and other advanced souls. I help you feel the light and love from the Universe as you align with your soul, higher purpose, and higher mind.

During the sessions, I mediate Crystalline, Diamond, Plasma, and Rainbow light codes through sonic vibrational frequencies mediated through my voice to help you advance your body and energy system.

I help balance your energy, dissolve multidimensional blockages and increase your light. If you are a lightworker, I offer assistance with balancing your energy systems after working with clients and advancing your healing skills. 

The sessions are profoundly healing and balancing on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Regular sessions over time give the most profound therapeutic transformation as you unravel layers of who you are in terms of energy.


Each session leaves you uplifted, wrapped in the loving light of the angels.

Ways to work with me


The sessions in the 3-session and 5-session packages can no longer be booked freely within the validity period due to limitations in the system. It means one fixed session per month for these packages. If you want more than a month between sessions, I recommend booking sessions one by one in the calendar. If you feel guided to work focused on profound transformation, I recommend the 2 sessions/month packages.

  • 3 sessions

    Every month
    One session a month for three months.
    Valid for 3 months
  • 5 sessions

    Every month
    1 session a month for five months.
    Valid for 5 months
  • 1 session/month

    Every month
    One session a month for ten months.
    Valid for 10 months
  • 2 sessions/month (3)

    Every month
    Two sessions a month for three months.
    Valid for 3 months
  • 2 sessions/month (5)

    Every month
    Two session a month for five months
    Valid for 5 months

Automatic payment every month on the same date as your purchase date. The sessions must be used within the validity period. 

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