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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Many Twin flames have asked themselves the same question: What can I do to come into union with my Beloved Twin flame?

All though we all wish for a quick way to achieve union, the answer is simple and universal; you need to have patience and focus on your ascension.  

The only way you can reconnect with the other half of your soul; is to heal and spiritually advance. This is the only true answer. 


There are many light workers and techniques to choose from. All of them exist on Earth to meet every group of souls’ specific needs on different levels of their spiritual advancement. You need to find the technique and the light worker that resonates with your current vibration and dedicate yourself to the process. When you have grown spiritually, you may find that you will move on to work with another light worker resonating with your new level of light.

Your task is the one of dedication, faith, patience, and to receive ~ this is the only task you need to focus on.

With a dedication to regularity; you will over time transform, expand, and build your light quotient and more fully embody your Soul light. In this process, you will achieve a closer connection with your Soul aspect that is your Divine counterpart; your Beloved Twin flame.

Welcome to the New Earth

With love and blessings,


Susanna Sannö is based in Sweden, where she works as an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and lecturer. She has channeled over 1500 unique healing sessions in private sessions, workshops, and courses providing healing, ascension tools, and programs from the 7th~12th dimension to clients in Scandinavia to assist them in their ascension process, uniting with their Twin flame and manifesting their Soul mission.

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