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Galactic Attunement Healing Light Transmission

Galactic Attunement Healing Light Transmission

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Humanity has indeed been taking steps towards liberation from the lower worlds, and in recent times there have been many opportunities to grow for the souls ready to take the next step of their soul's forward evolution, expanding in Christ Consciousness and Light. As we enter a timeline of greater purification and merging with our highest Light, the many sacred beings from on high assist us in the transition into the 5th Dimension and beyond. In this process, many Starseeds upon Gaia assist in anchoring the New Earth templates to manifest Gaia in the 5th Dimension once more. As a volunteer soul to Mother Earth, you are here as a Starseed to anchor the Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, and other Christed ET templates to assist Gaia's spiritual evolution. This beautiful transmission of Light helps you anchor the Christed Diamond Solar Light codes of Christ Consciousness available to you in this Now and activate the dormant Light codes you carry within your DNA to assist in your own soul's forward evolution and ascension of Gaia.


In this beautiful and powerful galactic attunement, you start by receiving a powerful message from my Arcturian Self with Arcturian Light codes designed to activate your Galactic Memory.


You then travel in Soul consciousness through a Diamond Heart Vortex Of Light into the dimensions of

  • The Pleiadian sun Alcyone
  • The Arcturian Starship appropriate for you at this time
  • The Great White Lodge in Sirius


  • To the etherial realms of Andromeda.

In each of the ascension seats of these Christed ET's of Light, you receive the attunement and activation of the dormant light codes that you carry within your DNA as a being of Light to evolve and help bring Gaia into the higher dimensions of Light. In this attunement of Light, you merge with your Christed ET Selves to the degree that is possible for you at this time to gain clarity of who you are and what your Soul mission is upon Gaia. You connect with the guides from the Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, and Andromedan collectives, most suitable to assist you in your spiritual evolution in this Now. You are showered in the love and Light of the galactic beings of Light as they share with you their gift of unconditional love and Light help your ascension journey and regain your memory as a Galactic and Cosmic being of Light.


Welcome to take part in this beautiful transmission of Light.


You receive the full spectrum of frequencies by listening to this session in meditation with earphones, preferably lying down with a straight spine. You can receive the frequencies in this session as often as you feel guided.


This transmission includes Divine meditation music.


With love and blessings, Susanna

  • Tech Specs.

    Mp3 and PDF

    Length: 67  min.

  • Delivery

    The link to download the file will be provided on the checkout page and in an email to your registered email address. The link is active for 30 days.

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