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Akashic Records Soul Travel Light Transmission

Akashic Records Soul Travel Light Transmission

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In this healing session, you travel in Soul Consciousness to the Halls of Records in Akashic Records.


Protected by Archangel Michael and his legions of Light, I lead you safely into the library that is your Soul Records. In the Halls of Records, you will meet your Akashic Record Keepers and your Akashic Record Guide. With their assistance, you are led into your spiritual archives to heal the karmic timelines from Lemuria and Atlantis that you carry energy imprints from that do not serve you. The purpose of your visit to your soul archive is to get help to cut the connection to the dark timelines that do not serve you to be in contact with and bear the imprint of. Instead, you create stronger energetic contact with timelines of light and love that serve your spiritual evolution and healing. You connect with the energy frequencies, the light, and the information from the Lemurian and Atlantic timelines of Light that are serving you right now in your spiritual and personal development as a healer, advanced soul, partner, friend, parent, and in your career. You also get a choice to merge with your Lemurian Self and your Atlanean Self to gain access to the wisdom and abilities that these aspects of you possess.


You are guided through a karmic Akashic Record healing of relationships of your choice. 

Souls that you will meet and have a relationship with this lifetime, are also your partners, siblings, parents, children and friends in other parallel lifetimes, existing simultaneously in the multidimensional eternal now. And as you heal your relationships, the change in energy patterns, from low vibrational to high vibrational, sends ripples through time and space, sending healing to all timelines, dimensions and parallel realities affected. Supporting all versions of you and your friends and family of the light in all dimensions, timelines, and realities to align to the Light. Supporting the alignment of all my aspects and your whole network of souls, that you a part of, to the light.


Welcome on an enlightening journey of Self-exploration and healing into your Akashic Records.


Love and blessings, Susanna


Length: 73 min

Music: 432 Hz

Format: Mp3 and PDF


You receive the full spectrum of frequencies by listening to this session in meditation with earphones, and you can receive the frequencies in this session as often as you feel guided.

  • Delivery

    The link to download the file will be provided on the checkout page and in an email to your registered email address. The link is active for 30 days.

  • Tech Specs.

    Length: 73 min. 

    Format: Mp3 and PDF. 

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