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" The healing experience is a magical aspect of the ascension journey."

 - Susanna Sannö -

Sessions to support your Soul Growth and Healing.

The healing process that takes place during your ascension journey is a magical part of the ascension journey that holds infinite potential. As you peel off each layer of whom you thought you were, a new layer of your Soul emerges and you find your true Self. By giving time and love to your healing process, you nurture and love yourself from within. You allow yourself to grow, learn, and access your fullest potential and experience your worthiness. By saying yes to the explorational journey of uncovering your authentic Self, you are opening the door to the love of the Universe and who you truly are.

Our healing sessions are heartfelt, loving, and nurturing. You connect, interact, and receive love and light as you are released from the old and receive the new. You are comforted, held, and protected as you release old energy and give way for the light and love to take its place.  The healing conveyed is of the highest order of light and co-created with the Angelic Realm. Each session supports you in gently letting go of the various aspects of your ego and stepping more fully into your Divine Self.

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Online Healing Classes

Learn and heal in these beautiful healing classes that combine the mind and the heart for a deeply healing experience.

Learn Heal Transform Ascension.jpg
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