Live Light Transmissions
Transforming and healing Light Transmissions that expand your Christ Consciousness supporting your ascension, and the healing of your lower light bodies 

Light Transmissions mediates healing through sound, color, and energy frequencies that interact with your cells and your whole being on a quantum level. Each unique Light Transmission transmits light and healing from the 7th ~ 12th dimension andare conveyed through my I AM presence mediated by the voice of my Angelic Seraphim Over~Soul.

Listening to the recording of such a transmission of light provides the same healing as participating live in the actual broadcast in Zoom. The recording serves as an energetic imprint of the healing that is conveyed through time and space.

Healing is re-experienced and re-implemented at the quantum level with each listening. Thus, the same Light Transmission, in the same way as Personalized sessions, can provide in-depth healing with each listening. With each listening, you also create unique healing with your I AM presence.

Live Light Transmissions are transformative healing sessions broadcast live in Zoom (audio). These Light Transmissions convey light codes through sound, color, and energy frequencies to support personal development and ascension. The Light Transmission helps increase your light quotient, advance your energy system, and implement the 5D light codes and 5D light templates to support your ascension and optimal health and potentiality on all levels of your being. 

You can find information on the next live transmissions under the tab Book Online.