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Spiritual Business Mentor

Quantum Mentorship

My higher purpose is to help souls on their journey of ascension to expand their light and become the Gods and Goddesses that they are. Starting your business can be a big part of stepping into your power and fulfilling your higher meaning. Therefore, I offer hands-on guidance, support, and healing on your journey of being self-employed.


I have a B.Sc. in Visual Communication and PR and five years of experience of spiritual entrepreneurship. In Mentoring Sessions, I offer support as a Spiritual Business Mentor and healer. We work with guidance, step-by-step strategy, marketing, and healing to help you manifest your calling and higher meaning.

The mentoring sessions are personal guidance and healing session online. Each session is tailored based on what you need and want help with.


I mediate channeled Transformational energy healing. The characteristic of my work is that it´s powerful and focused, and clients often experience rapid shifts and profound transformation. 

There may be homework or exercises between the sessions to help you progress.

You can choose to take single sessions or several regular sessions.


The sessions take place remotely in Zoom.


As a Spiritual Business Mentor, I collaborate with The Freedom Era. The Freedom Era is a fantastic online academy and community that supports abundance and a freedom lifestyle aligned with the New Earth, 5D. We help you create a leveraged income online using automated platforms and a unique patented commission plan that you can apply to any holistic business. The collaboration with The Freedom Era gives your business an extra income without doing the heavy lifting, so you can have the freedom to spend more time doing what you love with the ones you love and live a life led by the heart.  

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