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In mentoring sessions, I primarily use my intuition and ability to read your energy to balance your energy system, dissolve blockages from this and past lives, and help you align with your highest potential. I work intuitively around what you need and let Spirit guide me.

Methods and tools I work with in mentoring sessions are coaching, the Emotional Freedom Technique, Angel Oracle Cards, and transformative Quantum energy healing anchored in Transpersonal and Soul psychology.

I offer help to Twin Flames, Empaths/HSP, advanced souls going through ascension, and support to start a spiritual business.

Are you a Twin Flame? Read more about what mentor sessions provide for you in the tab Twin Flame Mentor.

The sessions activate and heal, and the healing often starts after you have booked.

You can speak freely from the heart, and I have a duty of confidentiality.

During all mentorship, there may be homework or exercises between the sessions.

You can take single sessions or multiple regular sessions for a more profound transformation and healing. The therapeutic effects are achieved through regular sessions.

The sessions take place remotely on video in Zoom.

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