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Soul Consciousness
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Susanna Sanno


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"Thank you, Susanna. You came to me as a helping angel, and I feel enormous gratitude and difference in my energy. It doesn't feel as heavy and negative anymore. It vibrates on another level and feels like a warm hug.  I'm going into different treatment, but this reaches a whole different level. THANK YOU."

Sara, 42, Stockholm, Sweden

"Thank you, Susanna! I feel very strongly that the healing you´ve given me is so good for me on so many levels. You've opened up a whole new world for me. The spectrum of emotions I have experienced after starting healing with you is vast, yet it's incredibly positive for me. The 'sharpness' in my chest has softened, and now it is bubbling again, and I've gained new strengthening insights. Suddenly I've seen things in myself that I've carried my whole life without seeing. I'm so grateful!"

Christina, 54, Stockholm, Sweden

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My higher purpose is to help souls on their journey of ascension to expand their light and find tools to deal with emotional challenges, heal deeply and become the Gods and Goddesses that they are; who feels better, shines their light, and fulfills the purpose of their life. My main tool is my voice, through which I have been given the gift to convey healing and light codes,


A warm welcome to your continued journey of self-exploration, self-realization, and healing!

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