Channeled healing vibrating within the frequency spectrums of 7D~9D to support Star Seeds, Indigo children, Crystal children, Twin flames, Soul connections, and Lightworkers on the journey of ascension towards Self~realization, Soul embodiment, and Self Mastery

Susanna Sannö 

Intuitive healer, channeler, High Priestess and Goddess of Light, Purity, Wisdom, and Fertility​

I warmly invite you to receive and co~create light in the sonic vibrational healing sessions channeled through my Angelic Higher Self to assist you in the merging with your Beloved I AM Presence and your collaboration with Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, and Christed ET´s supporting you as an advanced soul on your ascension journey towards Soul~embodient, Self Mastery, Twin flame union, and Soul mission. 


Self~realization    Soul~embodiment    Self~mastery

In sessions with your Beloved I AM presence, you receive:

~ Ascension tools to implement the Diamond, Crystalline, Platinum & Rainbow light codes within the 5D Matrix Templates.


~ Sonic vibrational healing Heart frequencies & Divine Light patterns anchored within the 5D Matrix Templates.


~ Transformation of 3D Matrix programming & templates holding low vibrational values ​​and beliefs 


~ Cutting of negative energy cords created from your karmic contracts, experiences, and relationships in previous lives / parallel timelines.

~ Healing relationships & trauma from all your lives in your cells, DNA, energy systems, and at the Soul level


~ Unique healing tools mediated from the Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, and Christed ET`s of 100% Light.


~ Clearing of implants, parasites, negative crystals, and other structures and mechanisms not of the light.


~ Upgrading, clearing, and expanding your energy system to build your light quotient


~ Light language transmissions


~ Activations of light facilitated by Ascended Masters, Archangels, Gods, Goddesses, and Christed ET´s.

Channeled from the frequency spectrums of the 7th~9th dimension, the Divine purpose of the sonic vibrational healing sessions created in collaboration with Spirit and Source, is to transform the 3D trauma and karma created from the human experiences in the karmic timelines that you carry within your energy system and parts of your Soul, and implement the new I AM Avatar consciousness codes and templates resonating with the 5th dimension and the New Golden Ages of Light.

The healing anchors on this earthly plane in close collaboration with the Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, and Christed ET’s of the Highest Light. And as you take part in the sessions, your I AM presence co~create the healing with all the illuminated beings from on high.

As an advanced soul incarnated in the timelines of the ascension of Gaia, you have agreed upon taking on specific soul contracts to dissolve trauma and karma for yourself. You might also have Soul contracts to dissolve negative patterns and karma for your family, soul lines, and other collective groups to help clear and dissolve the human miscreations for Gaia and for Humanity to help Gaia ascend. The healing conveyed through my Angelic Higher Self assists you in dissolving and transforming that trauma - as well as supporting you in accessing your fullest potential, uniting with your beloved Twin flame or Soul connection, and activating your Divine blueprint.

Welcome to the New Earth


Thank you, Susanna. You came to me as a helping angel, and I feel enormous gratitude and difference in my energy. It doesn´t feel as heavy and negative anymore. It vibrates on another level and feels like a warm hug.  I'm going into different treatment, but this reaches a whole different level. THANK YOU.

Sara, 42, Sweden

Thank you, Susanna! I feel very strongly that the healing you´ve given me is so good for me on so many levels. You´ve opened up a whole new world for me. The spectrum of emotions I have experienced after starting healing with you is vast, yet it´s incredibly positive for me. The 'sharpness' in my chest has softened, and now it is bubbling again, and I've gained new strengthening insights. Suddenly I have seen things in myself that I have carried a whole life without seeing. I´m so grateful!

Christina, 54, Sweden


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