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Twin flame healing with Master Lady Nada

Twin flame healing with Master Lady Nada

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Master Lady Nada is the ascended master assigned by the Divine to support and unify twin flames. She is a member of the Board of Karma, the Chohan of the sixth ray, and a representative of the third ray ~ the Rose Pink Ray of Unconditional Divine Love. Lady Nada has obtained all offices through her advancement as a soul, and she is indeed a strong, wise, just, and loving Goddess of Light. In this healing meditation, you will be guided through a visualization and receive the loving frequencies from her immaculate heart. This exercise strengthens your connection to your beloved Twin flame, and also builds your connection to the light and energy of Lady Nada so that she can guide you and protect your connection with your Beloved at all times. Free Mp3 download.


Use this meditation as often as you feel guided to, to fill up your heart with Rose Pink Frequencies of Divine Love and connect to Your Beloved Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul.


With Love and Blessings, Susanna

  • Tech specs

    Free Mp3 download

    10 minutes.

  • Delivery

    The link to download the file will be provided on the checkout page and in an email to your registered email address.  The link is active for 30 days.

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