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Healing Your Twin Flame Relationship, 4 channeled healing sessions.

Healing Your Twin Flame Relationship, 4 channeled healing sessions.

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Four channeled healing sessions to transform blockages for you and your Beloved, supporting your union Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul. These sessions are designed to work together to provide you with deep healing, and for each time you listen to them, the healing goes deeper, addressing more layers and aspects of karmic issues and trauma from many lifetimes that blocks you and your Beloveds union as Souls, and building your connection in light and love on all levels of your being, including 3D.


With healing music, 432 Hz.



The healing in these sessions goes deeper for each time you chose to receive the healing in meditation, addressing more layers and aspects of karmic issues and trauma from many lifetimes that blocks you and your beloveds union as Souls.

  • Receive the healing with headphones to receive the full spectrum of frequencies.
  • Receive the healing sessions in order 1-4 the first time you listen to them.
  • After you´ve listened to session 1-4 in order, you can choose to receive the healing in the sessions as many times as you feel intuitively guided to, in any order of your choosing.
  • You can choose to receive the healing in the sessions every day, or weekly
  • Relax during the session and surrender to your I AM presence, which will make sure that you receive what you need to receive.


Session 1 Transforming the Runner/Chaser dynamic:

This healing session starts with an energy clearing and repair of your energy system. It further provides healing to support the transformation of your energetic sub-personalities, among them the Inner Protector and your Inner Child at the ego level - two of the sub-personalities that are often carrying and creating blocks between twin flames, creating the Runer/Chaser dynamic. Also transforming some of the energetic 3D matrix templates that carry the miscreations of humankind and that is blocking your connection and union as Twin flames or Soul connections. You are further taken through a visualization to clear the space between you and your beloved and connecting you more fully heart to heart, soul to soul within the sacred space of the Merkaba. As you are connected within this sacred space you are freed up from some of the vows, promises, curses and invocations, that is not of the light, that you and your Twin flame or soul connection carry from many incarnations and from your soul- and family lines. This healing is supported by the Legions of Light and the Company of Heaven as I work closely with members of these Highest instances of Light.


Session 2  Healing of your Inner Child

During the process of working with this healing session, you will create powerful healing in co-creation with mainly Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Lady Nada, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, and The Board of Karma. During an initial energy clearing and repair of your energy system, you will be guided through a breathing and visualization exercise, supported by Mother Mary and Lady Kuan Yin, to fully release old and stagnant energy blocks in the chakras, the aura, the light bodies and the organs to support the multidimensional healing of your Inner Child. You will be cleared from worry, fear, doubt, not feeling good enough, feeling abandoned, shame, guilt, sadness, and other low vibrational emotions and energies and cords of the 3rd-dimensional Matrix. Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Lady Nada upgrade your emotional lower light body with the Pink Ray of Unconditional Love and gives you deep healing of your mental aspects through the Violet Flame and the Seafoam green Ray of Transcendence. You will further get a cancellation of old karmic contracts at the chakra levels, that does not serve you or anyone else. A transformation of old conflicts between you and your beloved. And in addition to this, clearing of specific cords and blockages in the base chakra and sacral chakra, to support the healing of the relationship with your beloved and your parents. Mother Mary and Kuan Yin address the wounds from abandonment and separation.



Session 3 Clearing the way for a relationship with your Twin flame or Soul connection and the unfolding of your Divine plan

This healing session supports the manifesting, in the Highest way, a Soulmate, Soul connection, or Twin flame relationship in 3D - if this is in plan for you. Clearing any blockages for the Soulmate or Twin flame relationship, enabling it to unfold according to the highest good for you and anyone else. Clearing the space between you and any Soul mates, Soul connections, and your Twin flame, paving the way for them to be able to align with you if this is for the Highest good and intended by your Divine plan. Canceling and revision of soul contracts and karmic that is outdated or too heavy for you to carry out at this time. You are also offered support to carry out the contracts that are supporting your Souls further evolution at this time. You receive the removal of implants and parasites with the Violet Flame and the Sea Foam Green Ray of Transcendence. A cutting of negative cords formed from karmic contracts at the chakra level and Soul level, between you and all your Soul connections. You are also offered an upgrading of your Guide-team.

This healing session is co-created with your Beloved I AM presence in collaboration with Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and her twin flame Jesus Christ, Lord Vywamas, AA Metatron, AA Michael, and The Board of Karma.



Session 4 You are a twin flame God & Goddess!

Everyone on the twin flame journey has been on an inner turbulent journey that has taken energy, power, and often self-confidence. During this last session in the series, when blockages have been cleared out during the previous sessions, there is a greater focus on getting the healing that makes you feel stronger inside and out. Prepare for a journey into your inner strength and power!


With love and blessings, Susanna


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