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The Uniting Of Flames Transforming Light Transmission

The Uniting Of Flames Transforming Light Transmission

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In this transforming light transmission, you receive healing of the Inner Yin and Yang to support you and your Twin Flame or Soul Lover in uniting. The healing, balancing, and merging of the Inner Divine feminine and the Inner Divine Masculine is crucial for Union, as the Union in the physical cannot unfold without the Inner merging and balancing of the Yin and Yang. The 3D Matrix, which holds the 3D fear~based templates is currently being phased out faster as humanity and Gaia are raising their vibration. In this process, many Twin Flames and Soul Lovers/romantic Soul connections are being pushed to their limits, experiencing accelerated ascension. Romantic Soul connections are experiencing accelerated ascension because many romantic couples incarnated at this particular time to assist in the healing and balancing of the Yin and Yang and the healing of the war of the sexes, which is a major theme for many romantic couples at this time of Gaia´s ascension. The healing of the Yin and the Yang is experienced on a personal level within the relationship, but the Higher purpose of what is playing out between you and your beloved is not only your healing, but you are at the same time contributing to the collective healing of the Yin and Yang as representatives of the Yin and Yang. As you purge, transform, and dissolve the karma between Yin and Yang, you also dissolve the karma for the collective. In this session, you are supported in this process.


You travel in Soul consciousness with your Beloved in the sacred geometric shape of the sixteen pointed diamond star to Lady Nada's Temple of Purity and Union in the 12th dimension, where you receive healing and channeled messages and activations from Lady Nada and her Twin Flame, and Twin Flame couples Lady Isis and Osiris, Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, and their Sacred Couple energy. Overlighted by the healing angels, wrapped in the Violet Flame within Lady Nada´s Golden Sphere, you receive transformation of blockages between you and your Beloved in 3D to support Union and connection in 3D. Lady Nada also assists you in a review with the Board of Karma of Soul contracts and Karmic contracts that might be blocking you. Stepping into the sacred geometric space of Unity, the Merkaba, you receive an anchoring and activation of the Powerful Feminine Templates of Isis and Osiris to support power balance between the Inner Yin and Yang. You further receive the anchoring and activation of the Christos~Sophia Flame by Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, which supports the merging of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within and between you and supporting Divine Union through Sacred Marriage. The anchoring and activation of New Earth Templates and the New Yin and New Yang Templates and light codes received through channeled messages and light language also helps restore the Divine Trinity between you, your Beloved, and the Universe to support Union. 

You receive the full spectrum of frequencies by listening to this session in meditation with earphones, preferably lying down with a straight spine. You can receive the frequencies in this session as often as you feel guided to.


With love, Susanna


Music: 432 Hz

Length: 67 min.


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    Mp3 and PDF

    Length: 67 min.

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    The link to download the file will be provided on the checkout page and in an email to your registered email address. The link is active for 30 days.

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