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Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals Light Transmission

Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals Light Transmission

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In this session, you receive healing and light by communicating with the consciousness and energy of the Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals.

It is this consciousness and energy that the physical Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals are in contact with; that is why they have such strong positive energy.

The crystal is named Seed Crystal because the crystals were planted in Gaia's Planetary Grid by the Lemurians. The Lemurians did not plant the physical crystals but the etheric hologram of these physical crystals, the consciousness of the crystal. They were planned in Gaia's etheric energy network to be protected and preserved there as Lemuria's civilization on the physical plane was about to perish. At the etheric level, the crystals could be kept protected and their wisdom and energy preserved intact. It is this crystal consciousness and this energy of the Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals that you are communicating with during this session. You take part in the divine activations, messages, and healing that these amazing crystals offer you.

If you have Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals at home, you can have them around you or in your hand during this session to connect them with their collective consciousness to purify them and recharge energy.

This session:
● Connects your energy system to Source via energy channels for more
● Energetically cleanse your entire energy system for increased health on all levels.
● Grounds you with Mother Gaia and connects your energy system with her energy system for more Power Balance and Clarity.
● Connects you to the Lemurian Seed Crystals collective consciousness and
● You receive their energy and consciousness that vibrates through all your chakras, cells, and energy field for a unique and personal experience and healing.
● Has the potential to heal any situation, relationship, or ailment with the energy
of the crystals.


Length: 64 min
Music: Pulse of Creation by Frits Evelain of

PDF and Mp3 

You receive the full spectrum of frequencies by listening to this session in
meditation with earphones. You can receive the frequencies in this session as often as you feel guided.


With love and light,


  • Tech Specs.

    Mp3-file and PDF

    Music by Frits Evelain of

    Length: 64 min.

  • Delivery

    The link to download the file will be provided on the checkout page and in an email to your registered email address. The link is active for 30 days

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