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Divine Mother healing with Mother Mary &  Kuan Yin

Divine Mother healing with Mother Mary & Kuan Yin

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In this healing session, you receive the calming, caring, loving, and gentle energies of The Divine Mother through Master Mother Mary and Lady Kuan Yin.


The healing provided in this session is suitable if you need maternal love and care ~ if you feel sad, down, or alone and need nurturing of your Inner child. It opens your heart and fills it with love. Let your emotions come up to the surface and allow for them to be cleared out in the warm arms of  Mother Mary and Kuan Yin.


This healing session may also be suitable for you who have the Soul mission to anchor Divine Mother codes on Gaia. You are holding the primary Goddess template of The Mother - and through this meditation, you reconnect with The Divine Mother energies. Through the energies, you reconnect with the goddess aspect of you who embodies The Mother and fill her with the Universe’s loving energy, giving you increased life energy, Prana/Qi.


This session includes breathing exercises and an exercise where you can use your palms and push outwards while breathing in to expand energy through your aura. However, you do not need to do the exercises, or listen to the words - but just receive the energy that comes through.


Receiving the healing regularly will nurture, heal, and transform your inner child aspect and fill you up with Divine Mother energies. 


With love and light,Susanna

  • Tech Specs

    mp3 file. 30 minutes.

  • Delivery

    The link to download the file will be provided on the checkout page and in an email to your registered email address.  The link is active for 30 days.

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