Crystal Child Sleep Music with Light Language healing

Crystal Child Sleep Music with Light Language healing

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In this Angelic Light language transmission and healing session with celestial music you receive Elohim Seraphim energies, Crystalline energy, and spectrums of Violet vibrational frequencies. This session is particularly suitable for sleeping, and healing occurs when your higher aspects are given free rein to help you integrate the light codes conveyed through this Light language transmission.


The Violet Flame is the Ray that carries us into the 5th Dimension and the Age of Aquarius. Through the spectrums of Violet conveyed by the Archangels you are supported in releasing any stress, imbalances, or disease within your body, mind, and hologram. Recalibrating your energy at a subatomic level, leaving your whole being balanced, rested, and energetically clean. Crystalline Light is one of the energy spectrums that build the New World in the 5th Dimension and beyond. As you recalibrate to the frequencies of Crystalline light any energies that are not in alignment with love and your Highest Light will be transformed into light. The Crystalline structures and templates are multidimensional and resonate with information, light, and energy of unconditional love and light pulsating throughout the higher dimensions of this Universe, connecting you to your multidimensional Self and the Source of All Creation. Through the Crystalline frequency spectrums, you also connect with the Crystalline 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love surrounding Gaia and connect in with the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth.


Relax and allow yourself to be taken into a world of light, happiness, and unconditional love wrapped in Angelic Crystalline Violet Light.


Music: 432 Hz


The package contains three files,  one file with music and one without music, and a transcript.

Length with music: 49 min.

Length without music: 30 min.

You receive the full spectrum of frequencies by listening with earphones, and you can receive the frequencies in this session as often as you feel guided to.

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    Length with music: 49 min.

    Length without music: 30min.

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