Transform your Inner Goddess Healer Healing Kit

Transform your Inner Goddess Healer Healing Kit


Welcome to take part in a three-part healing series channeled live in group sessions. Susanna is during the channelling connected to all Souls that will recieve this healing through these sessions, so anything that she speaks of will apply to anyone taking part of the session, regardless of time and space. 


This kit contains three channeled transforming multidimensional healing meditations with archangel meditation music within a frequency spectrum supporting the alignment to light and your Beloved I AM presence and activating your inner Goddess healer ~ as a man or woman.


Activating and healing your Inner healer is simply activating this dormant Higher aspect of you that can assist you in your ascension and journey of Soul embodiment, Self-mastery, and Self-realization. Healing your Inner Goddess healer will help you release some of the fear, terror, and trauma that you've experienced as a Soul, that is blocking you from living your truth and finding your Higher meaning.


The focus lies on transforming some of the deepest trauma and karma that you carry as an advanced soul. Through your many incarnations upon this earth and through your energetic and biological connection to your soul- and family lineages and ancestors experiencing the duality and polarity, you are here this lifetime to transform and release through your human experience some of the trauma and karma for yourself and these souls. Through your advancement and ascension you have taken on the task this lifetime to transform some of the human miscreations that you carry in your DNA, cellular memories, chakras, subpersonalities, your inner Goddess and God and beyond, dismantling the old maps and templates of suffering and karma that you carry as a human being and replacing them with the new templates of the New Earth and the New Golden Age. In this process, you will ascend and uncover and activate your healing abilities, for yourself and others. 


Through these three multidimensional and transforming healing meditations, you will be offered a channeled healing transformation to activate your Inner Goddess healer ~ as a woman, or a man, as the healing of the Divine inner Mother is much needed for all souls upon this sacred earth at this time. The channeled healing is initiated during the session and the healing process usually continues on all levels of your being for days, weeks, or months, assisted by the High beings of Light that you will connect with during this series. You can choose to listen to each class multiple times to integrate the healing even deeper for every session. 



  • Clearing of the 32 points of the 12-chakra system and activation of the 12th chakra.
  • Interconnecting your spiritual spinning points of light ~ the chakras and spinning points of the 12th chakra.  Connecting you, through these points of light with, the Planetary spiritual hierarchy, the Planetary Logos, and Shamballa.
  • Purifies and activates all 12 layers of your aura and interconnects your chakras, aural layers, and light bodies
  • Energy protection
  • Connects your grounding chakras to human grids and planetary grids of light
  • Clearing of fear of becoming a healer and stepping more fully into your light ~fear inherited from family and from past lifetimes/parallel timelines within the eternal Now - at the chakra level, cells, DNA, and your 144 soul aspects.
  • You receive and implement DNA codes of light facilitated by the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy and Order of Melchizedek, assisted by the Planetary Logos ~ to support you in stepping more fully into your inner healer and merging with your Soul light. Some of you taking part in this session will also receive etheric tools from the Planetary Spritual Hierarchu and the Order of Melchizedek, for you to use etherically in your work as a healer. 
  • Connects you to The Planetary Christ Consciousness Unity Grid of Light. 



  • Activates the ascension chakras and other chakras that you need to have activated at this point of your spiritual evolution.
  • Clears curses and negative energy directed at your lineage, your soul group and expanded soul group within time and space continuum, that block you from rising into your light fully and rising into your role as healer.
  • Restores all positive energy strings that connect your chakras, light bodies, auras, and other spinning points to the Universe, Your higher aspects of the light and Emissaries and Boards that you are working with on the higher planes.
  • Updates your guide team and escorts away negative guides.
  • Goddesses Isis. Mother Mary and Hecate transform your Inner Healer by transforming experiences from past lifetimes such as experienced persecution as a witch. As well as energy of this kind that you carry from your family and your ancestors.
  • Free yourself from negative self-image, energy templates, values, ideas, and programs that block you from rising more fully in your light and your role as a healer.
  • Installs new high-frequency light templates that carry frequencies of light, self-esteem, and higher meaning.
  • New Base chakra and Sacral chakra Healer energy templates
  • Balances Yin & Yang, by transforming the blockages and fear around women's light and power within Yin & Yang, that was created historically 



  • Clears fear of becoming a healer created from previous punishment for standing in your power, very common from past lifetimes and your ancestry.
  • Connects you with Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek, the Elohim, the Seraphims, Cherubims, and Christ ET´s that you benefit from working with right now to support your spiritual process and healing abilities.
  • You receive an initiation of an installation, actualization, and activation of your ascension chakras by ascended Master Djwal Kuhl, The Arcturians and Lord Vywamas.
  • Connects you with your Akashic record guide
  • Activation of The Trinity Lord Shield of Light from your Heart Chakra, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra
  • Purification of trauma from this life and others from your chakras, your light bodies, subpersonalities, etc. promoting your intuition and medial gifts, through your Akashic records
  • Connecting you with the Ascended Masters of Rays 1-7: El Moria - which provides healing of your Neck Chakra, Lord Lanto - who provides healing of your Crown Chakra, Paul the Venetian & Lady Nada - who provides healing of your Heart Chakra, Serapis Bay - who provides healing of your Baschakra. Hilarion - which provides healing of your Third Eye. Lady Nada - providing healing of your Solar Plexus. St Germaine - which provides healing of your Sacral Chakra and anchors the energy of your soul in Sacral Chakra and the Hara. Maha Cohan - which provides healing of your 7-chakra system as a whole.


Music by Michael Hammer



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    Three mp3 files approximaterly 3 x 30 minutes. 

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