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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

~ How healing offered from 7D-9D supports your ascension and Twin flame union ~

How the transformation of blocks helps the relationship

Transforming the disharmonious energy blocks between you and your Twin flame is key at this time of Gaia’s ascension. Never before have so many Twin flames been incarnated in a body to serve Gaia, to do their work to help Gaia ascend to her former high-vibrational state of BEing. And the reason is that Gaia’s frequency is now high-vibrational enough for this to take place, because of the work of many Twin flames, High beings in service of Gaia and Lightworkers enabeling this New Age to dawn. This New Age enabeling for you and your Twin flame to incarnate together and to be of service of Mother Earth and all her life. Just as your work will pave the way for new generations of Twin flames to incarnate together. This work of transforming disharmonious energies of the human miscreations to further accelerate ascension is part of the next stage of ascension enabled in this Now.These disharmonious energies are transformed within your various energy templates, your energy system, your sub-personalities and beyond - and you are freed from some of the trauma and blocks that you are facing in your union process and ascension process. Both you and your beloved Twin flame carry low-frequency energies such as anger, frustration, betrayal, bitterness, sorrow, and hatred, etc. from your experiences and relationships from this lifetime and past lifetimes, that you will face and dissolve through your human experience, as a part of your Divine plan. You signed up to release and transform these negative experiences, karma, and trauma before incarnating this lifetime, and through the transformational healing work offered by some designaded Lightworkers on Gaia or channeled by yourself, this can now be transformed in an accelerated pace.