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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

~ How healing offered from 7D-9D supports your ascension and Twin flame union ~

How the transformation of blocks helps the relationship

Transforming the disharmonious energy blocks between you and your Twin flame is key at this time of Gaia’s ascension. Never before have so many Twin flames been incarnated in a body to serve Gaia, to do their work to help Gaia ascend to her former high-vibrational state of BEing. And the reason is that Gaia’s frequency is now high-vibrational enough for this to take place, because of the work of many Twin flames, High beings in service of Gaia and Lightworkers enabeling this New Age to dawn. This New Age enabeling for you and your Twin flame to incarnate together and to be of service of Mother Earth and all her life. Just as your work will pave the way for new generations of Twin flames to incarnate together. This work of transforming disharmonious energies of the human miscreations to further accelerate ascension is part of the next stage of ascension enabled in this Now.These disharmonious energies are transformed within your various energy templates, your energy system, your sub-personalities and beyond - and you are freed from some of the trauma and blocks that you are facing in your union process and ascension process. Both you and your beloved Twin flame carry low-frequency energies such as anger, frustration, betrayal, bitterness, sorrow, and hatred, etc. from your experiences and relationships from this lifetime and past lifetimes, that you will face and dissolve through your human experience, as a part of your Divine plan. You signed up to release and transform these negative experiences, karma, and trauma before incarnating this lifetime, and through the transformational healing work offered by some designaded Lightworkers on Gaia or channeled by yourself, this can now be transformed in an accelerated pace.

Your Soul contracts of Light are supported by the transformation of blocks

These contracts that you signed, means you've taken on the task of dissolving some of the trauma and karma for yourself and humanity. From the perspective of the ego and your human consciousness - these contracts are the actual reasons why you and your beloved are not in a harmonious relationship. They’re the actual reason why you and your twin flame or soul connection are facing the challenges that you are right now. But from the perspective of the Universe and the Soul, these are contracts of Light and Love. Contracts that you signed to support your evolution as a soul and also, the spiritual evolution of Gaia. These contracts are always prioritized over the relationship that your ego, and even your your soul, desires with your Twin flame in the 3D. This is the reason most Twin flames are separated in the 3rd dimension. Other obstacles for being in a harmonious relationship with your twin flame in 3D are templates and energies from outside that are not part of what you signed up for. These can be templates that you connected in with when reincarnating in a body with a specific gender - for example feminine templates, or templates created within your family lines - family templates. These obsticles can be various energies such as energy from other people or contracts and agreements with other people that is not serving a higher purpose. There are indeed some templates and contracts that are part of what you signed up to work through to evolve and that is serving a higher purpose, but some that are not. In addition to this, dark and negative energies can create blocks between Twin flames and strong Soul connections. By addressing these energies and contracts and supporting the process of dissolving the karma that you came here to dissolve, you and your twin flame or soul connection can be helped to connect more fully soul to soul, instead of ego to ego.

Transcending the lower negative ego helps the relationship i 3D

The lower negative ego, that is responsible for most of the drama in Twin flame relationships, are a manifestation of the trauma and karma that you carry. Both the karma that you signed up to dissolve and also the other low-vibrational templates and energies that you carry that is not of Divine design. By working through your contracts of Light and transforming blocks that you and your Twin flame carry, are connected in with, and are subjected to - you can transcend your lower negative ego and your relationship improves. You also see your relationship more clearly through the increased intuition you get through the expansion that happens in the transformation. By transforming energies, trauma, karma, and contracts that form the basis of the current relationship and conflicts and dissolving them, both of you can have more peace and harmony on both a soul- and a personality level. This, whether you are a couple, friends, acquaintances or have no contact in 3D.

Energy transformation is profound and permanently transforms negative experiences and conflicts from this and past lives. And for every piece that is transformed the more puzzle pieces in your relationship fall into place. In combination with energy clearing, this can change and improve the relationship. And it also strengthens You - which goes hand in hand. My Twin flame couple clients have described it as being like lifting a heavy veil of fog that obscured their view of each other and the relationship and created distance between them. And they feel so much better within themselves - empowered and strengthened from within. This is how increased Self Mastery and Soul embodiment through energy transformation is experienced.

A higher level of healing on Gaia

It takes time to transform your relationship, you have probably already spent thousands of lifetimes dissolving trauma between you - and the journey and process looks different for each individual. But the healing that is offered right Now on Gaia through Lightworkers like myself is more powerful and high vibrational than it has ever been, due to the ascension of Gaia. And through this energy work your energy changes - and it allows your Divine plan and ascension to unfold at an accelerated pace.

What the healing, that is offered to you through me, aims at - is basically to accelerate ascension. It’s purpose is to support the transformation of the karma and trauma that you came here to dissolve - to learn, grow and to be able to leave the karmic timelines behind. Ascension also ultimately aims at you uniting you and your twin flame as souls and, if it's of divine design, in a body here on. So that you as souls can do what you were incarnated to do - to help to increase Gaia's vibration. That is the goal of your life on earth - to work through karma and trauma so that you can reunite in pure love and fulfill your purpose here on earth.

Namasté, Susanna

Susanna Sannö is based in Sweden, where she works as an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and lecturer. She has channeled over 1500 unique healing sessions in private sessions, workshops, and courses providing healing, ascension tools, and programs from the 7th~12th dimension to clients in Scandinavia to assist them in their ascension process, uniting with their Twin flame and manifesting their Soul mission.

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