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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

If you suspect, or know, that you have met a Soul mate or your Twin flame then you're likely toexperience strong emotions, a strong connection that is difficult to put into words, emotional pain, confusion and have a feeling of having lost control, and at the same time a deep love. This is very challenging and you often stand alone in all this because only those who have gone through this themselves can understand any of what you are going through. This relationships goes deeper than any relationship you've ever had and ordinary ways of dealing with the emotions and challenges that arises usually don't work. These challenges and emotions can take over your entire inner life and the feelings for this person shake you in a way that nothing else have. This is incredibly challenging both emotionally and mentally and you face something that is completely new and that you have no control over, while friends and family often do not understand.

The difference between Twin flame and Soul connection is that a Twin flame relationships are stronger than "regular" Soul connections. Soul connections can be unromantic relationships and can range from being a lifelong friendship, a sibling to a marriage - they have a more sliding scale of intensity and degree of complicated emotions. But if you have encountered a strong Soul connection it an be experienced much like a Twin flame relationship here i the physical, although a Twin flame is something totally different energetically. A Soul connection can be a Soul mate, someone that you are destined to share your life with in one way or another, as a friend or a partner. A strong Soul connection can in this physical dimension, 3D, be experienced as your other half. Your Twin flame can be described as the other half of your soul - as Twin flames is one soul split in two. This is your other half at the soul level. The encounter with your Twin

flame feels stronger than most Soul connections. It feels like a milestone in life, there is "something" happening within you that you just know is "big" and that this person is vital in some way. Often you become more or less obsessed with your Twin flame and you just know that after this meeting, nothing will be the same within you. This is because the Kundalini energy starts to rise, you have come into greater contact with your unique Twin flame energy, you increase contact with your soul and Source at a very fast pace and in conjunction with that you often develop your extra-sensory perception, comes in contact with collective energies and much more - ie your energy and spiritual experience of the world takes up more space within you and you are transformed quickly. This rapid and revolutionary personal inner development can lead to personal crises, Soul depression, Dark night of the Soul, etc. You simply face challenges that you could not even imagine, and this often without knowledge of what is happening or understanding of people in your life. That is why it is important to gain knowledge and a healing that is tailored to Twin flames and Advanced souls so that you can navigate this personal experience in the best way.

What does it mean to have met your other half?

A strong Soul connection or Twin flame connection in the physical means both a strong love and hard work, discipline and perseverance - whether you are together or not. This does not always apply to Soul mates, but always Twin flames - because Twin flames are linked in the soul whether you are a couple or not, and you also share energy body so everything you experience and go through affects the other. This is not always the case with Soul connections. Twin flames cannot cut their energetic relationship by Free Will of the soul, you have signed a contract to work through some trauma and karma and also carry out a Soul mission - this you cannot be cancelled.

Challenges of a strong energetic connection

More or less unconsciously trying to escape the relationship in 3D is often part of the process for one or both parties in a Twin flame or a strong Soul connection relationship as the

ego sheds the difficulties that come to the surface within the relationship. One usually talks about Runner and Chaser in the Twin flame context, one party strives for union in the physical and the other shuts out and opposes the relationship in 3D. And most often it's the woman who's the Chaser because the female energy, among other things, is more connected to Source and generally more in touch with her feelings than the male and therefore feels the Twin flame energy clearer. But even the one who´s the Chaser carries blockages and also fears union. This makes the journey and relationship more difficult, and the cognitive aspect is often aggravated by the fact that the either the Chaser or Runner can't see their own part. This fact, not seeing ones own blind spots is a fundamental part of the relationship because you are built to reflect each other's trauma when you don't see them yourself. But with the right healing, the obstacles can be swept away one by one and you can avoid so much pain.

Why the relationship is so complicated

A Twin flame or Soul connection is a strong soul relationship. On a soul level, there are usually few blocks and you are merged to a greater degree in unconditional love. This is the love you feel when you first meet in the physical and this is the love that you should be fully embodying in the physical. But in the 3D matrix, the physical, you have different blocks that prevent you from being in unconditional love for each other. You carry, among other things, collective templates of how you should be, behave and value - as man as woman, as mother, as father, as partner, etc. These values ​​are not at the high frequency you are at as souls and it means that they pose obstacles and create conflicts. You also have individual inner sub-personalities that carry trauma as well as trauma from up to thousands of lifetimes stored in the energy system, and these also prevent you from feeling each other energy-wise as the pure souls you are. Added to this, you are often in contact with the traum

a of your Soul group, extended Soul group and the human collective. All of this lies as blocks and these blocks obscures contact with your own soul and your spiritual contact with each other. You have lived many lifetimes together and your relationships from those lifetimes also affects your relationship today in many different, often completely unaware, ways. A jumble of filters and trauma creates expectations, defenses and triggers strong ego-based emotions that can make the relationship destructive. But there is help, you can improve the relationship and get closer to your twin flame or soul mate here and now. The healing that I channel has come down to this dimension to help you work trough that trauma, those old templets and the karma that you're here to dissolve.

Namasté, Susanna

Susanna Sannö is based in Sweden, where she works as an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and lecturer. She has channeled over 1500 unique healing sessions in private sessions, workshops, and courses providing healing, ascension tools, and programs from the 7th~12th dimension to clients in Scandinavia to assist them in their ascension process, uniting with their Twin flame and manifesting their Soul mission.

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