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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

If you suspect, or know, that you have met a Soul mate or your Twin flame then you're likely toexperience strong emotions, a strong connection that is difficult to put into words, emotional pain, confusion and have a feeling of having lost control, and at the same time a deep love. This is very challenging and you often stand alone in all this because only those who have gone through this themselves can understand any of what you are going through. This relationships goes deeper than any relationship you've ever had and ordinary ways of dealing with the emotions and challenges that arises usually don't work. These challenges and emotions can take over your entire inner life and the feelings for this person shake you in a way that nothing else have. This is incredibly challenging both emotionally and mentally and you face something that is completely new and that you have no control over, while friends and family often do not understand.

The difference between Twin flame and Soul connection is that a Twin flame relationships are stronger than "regular" Soul connections. Soul connections can be unromantic relationships and can range from being a lifelong friendship, a sibling to a marriage - they have a more sliding scale of intensity and degree of complicated emotions. But if you have encountered a strong Soul connection it an be experienced much like a Twin flame relationship here i the physical, although a Twin flame is something totally different energetically. A Soul connection can be a Soul mate, someone that you are destined to share your life with in one way or another, as a friend or a partner. A strong Soul connection can in this physical dimension, 3D, be experienced as your other half. Your Twin flame can be described as the other half of your soul - as Twin flames is one soul split in two. This is your other half at the soul level. The encounter with your Twin

flame feels stronger than most Soul connections. It feels like a milestone in life, there is "something" happening within you that you just know is "big" and that this person is vital in some wa