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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Sanat Kumara

A client asked me a question the other day and after he left I received a message from Spirit that

I was guided to share with You. The question was: ”Why does low frequency energy- ie the energy of trauma like fear and anger for example - cause illness and blocks? And why is it that the energies of happiness, love and joy does not?”

This following message came pouring in as soon as we´d ended the session Spirit had my full attention. It´s from Sanat Kumara, my close guide and ascended master who have experienced life on earth. He speaks from the universal fact that time is not linear so this is why he speaks as if he was here on earth now.

“Way back, in what we can call the beginning of the history of human kind here on earth - in Lemuria and Atlantis and before - humans vibrated on a higher level than humanity as a collective does now. Vibrating on a higher frequency meant, we did not experience stress, anxiety, worry, anger, fear or any lower frequency emotion. We lived in a society where we were One with all and everything in unconditional love, in total abundance for all without separation. We were all in harmony within and our extra sensory perception were still intact, we were all what we now label as ’healers’ to different degrees, and no one knew about these low frequency emotions.

At one point around the time of Atlantis existence there was an event caused by low vibrational forces that occured that made us fall from Grace, fall from this high frequency of love, oneness and abundance and into a world of separation were anger, guilt, shame, fear and other low frequency emotions/energies could exist. Humans as a collective started to vibrate on a lower frequency.

We now started to see each other as separate from each other and started to struggle. Struggle to have more than our neighbor, struggle to survive - since we now perceived the world and other humans as separated from ourselves instead of a loving part of the Whole.

These new low vibrational energies distorted our vision, our minds our consciousness and cut us of from our Soul and Source. From that point humankind live in an illusion that we are separated. And this illusion is what is mirrored in our physical world - this created the world we now live in.

Since then certain souls in the human collective have been working together with high beings of a very high vibration, to restore Earth and humankind to its original frequency. Low frequencies, that have been allowed to exist for so long, has accumulated in our souls and energy system and are manifested in our bodies and minds as illness and low frequency values, feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

These energies that have accumulated also blocks us from ascending and heightening our frequency to the original vibration. These low frequency energies of fear and separation, the victim and persecutor consciousness, must be transformed in order for us as humans to heighten our vibration, as souls and together as a collective. So we can recreate and go back to our original existence - as beings in a world of unconditional love.

I AM Sanat Kumara "

Susanna Sannö is based in Sweden, where she works as an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and lecturer. She has channeled over 1500 unique healing sessions in private sessions, workshops, and courses providing healing, ascension tools, and programs from the 7th~12th dimension to clients in Scandinavia to assist them in their ascension process, uniting with their Twin flame and manifesting their Soul mission.

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