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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

You are greeted sweet one.

We are the company of Heaven and this is a message concerning your Twin flame journey. If you are on the twin flame Journey You might be caught up in the entanglement of duality, polarity and illusion of the of the 3rd dimension. This dimensions and its webs of low vibrations will bring with it the believe that the Twin flame Journey is only about a romantic relationship. You will be caught up in the illusion that it is all about your union in the physical.

We are here to remind You that The most important thing You need to know about the Twin flame Journey is that it is not about the union in the physical. In fact it is a union Soul to Soul. And It is Only Through your own Self exploration and understanding of Self that You will come into union with your Twin flame. It is only through your mindful Journey of Self Mastery and Soul embodiment and through union with YOUR Self that You will come into union with your beloved Twin flame.

Some of You are designed to be in a relationship in the 3rd dimension before You are able to unite Soul to Soul to the fullest degree. This to uncover, bring up to the surface and transform some of the trauma and low vibrational energies that You are here to dissolve through your physical experience. These relationships will be challenging, as You will face within the relationship, the low vibrations it is designed to bring upp to the surface to dissolve. These relationships will be as challenging for You as if You where not in a relationship with your Twin flame. The happiness does not lie in togetherness in the physical, true happiness lies within the Soul and your merging with Self.