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Akashic Record Reading

PDF document

The Akashic Record Reading gives you information that can help you understand your ascension journey, your spiritual development, your identity as a soul, and the higher meaning of why you were incarnated this lifetime. You also receive guidance from Angel Oracle Cards pulled for you by Spirit regarding your Soulmate or Twin Flame relationship.


This reading gives you information about:

- Your primary God and Goddess energy and how your God and Goddess energy supports your unique Soul Mission and higher meaning this lifetime.

- A message regarding your Twin flame or Soulmate. This information is individual and unique to you.

- Your galactic origin, your energy signature as a Starseed, and how it supports your unique Soul Mission and higher meaning this lifetime.

- Your primary chakra/chakras this lifetime, and how your primary chakras support your unique Soul Mission and higher meaning this lifetime.

- Your light quotient and to which degree your cells are crystallin based

- Initiation of light you are taking this lifetime in your ascension

- Dimension on which your human consciousness lingers in your daily life

- What ESP gifts you have, and to what degree they are uniquely activated. 

- Your guides from 100% light right now and how they support you

Explanation of the different elements of the Akashic Record Reading:

Your primary God and Goddess energy

You carry both God and Goddess energy, Yin and Yang. If you are born into a male body, you generally merge to a greater extent with the male templates, and as a woman to a greater extent with the female templates. The exception if you are heterosexual or bisexual, then it may be that the distribution of the templates looks more even. Here, you get information about your God or Goddess templates or signature: The Warrior God/Goddess archetype, The Mother/Father archetype, or the Virgin/Innocent archetype. You can also have the abilities of the Healer, the Oracle, the Alchemist, etc.

Your origin as a Starseed

You get information about the origins of your energy signature, for example, if you have a prominent Arcturuan, Venusian, or Pleiadian energy signature. Often, a soul has more than one energy signature originating from other star systems due to having had many existences on many different star systems and planets. In this incarnation, you use your different unique skills from these various planets and stars in your Soul Mission and in your ascension journey on Gaia. 

Your primary chakras this lifetime

You can have different primary chakras during different lifetimes. You can also have more than one chakra that can help you in some way in your Soul mission. Your primary chakra, or chakras, is generally in the 7-chakra- the system, even though a chakra in the 12-chakra system can also be your primary chakra. It is possible to have primary chakras that lie dormant until you've achieved a certain degree of spiritual advancement.

Your light quotient

The information given in this section gives you the percentage you can keep light in your body and energy field. Your light quotient is linked to your degree of ascension, your consciousness, and which initiation of light you are taking. For some, the light quotient is closely linked to twin Flame Union in that a high light quotient might be required for you and your Beloved to Unite in 3D. 

Which dimension your consciousness vibrates on in the physical

Gives you information on what dimension your human consciousness primarily vibrates on in your daily life. With "primarily vibrates on," means where you are centered most of the time. This is against the background that you can have access to higher dimensions during the dream stage and that your vibration fluctuates more or less all the time.

What your psychic gifts are and to what extent they are activated

Gives you information about which of the eight clear psychic senses you have activated and to which degree, on your unique scale of 1-10, where 10 represents your full ability at this time, and 0 represents that the gift is not activated at all. 

Your guides from 100% light right now

You get to know which of the light beings I work closely with who are by your side and guide you right now. This is so that you can call them in and work with them.

Information about your Twin Flame or Soulmate journey

This information is individual and unique to you, and I pull one or more Angel Oracle Cards for you as guided by Spirit to give you guidance and information in your current path. I also keep open for any messages that your guides, angels, or Spirit wants to give you to support you in your current journey.

Akashic Record Reading is a reading in text, and is delivered in a document (PDF). The reading gives you information that can help you understand your identity as a soul, your ascension journey, spiritual development, and the higher meaning of why you were incarnated this lifetime. Included is an explanation of the psychic senses.

Please note that you do not participate during your booked time slot and you can go about your day as usual while your reading is created. You find more information about the delivery of your reading in your booking confirmation email.

Love and blessings, Susanna

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